Car paint inevitably experiences wear and tear as time passes, diminishing its aesthetic appeal. Paint correction revitalizes car paint by addressing flaws in the paintwork directly rather than simply covering up imperfections.

At Word of Mouth Detailing, we provide various auto detailing services in Memphis, including paint protection services. We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring clients receive the highest-quality paint correction services.

Why Do I Need a Paint Correction?

Paint correction is a remarkable process capable of returning a vehicle’s paint to its original splendor. It goes beyond mere cleaning and rejuvenation, focusing on eliminating unsightly flaws and ensuring long-lasting paint durability. This comprehensive approach breathes new life into the vehicle, offering a fresh start and renewed aesthetic appeal.

How Does a Paint Correction Work?

The paint correction process removes surface imperfections on the paint by polishing with specialized tools and chemicals to cut into the clear coat of the vehicle’s paint. The steps involved in the paint protection process include:

  • Cleaning the affected surface of contaminants by removing sap, dirt, or insects to ensure a deep clean
  • Analyzing the surface to determine the cause and extent of damage
  • Leveling the surface by applying a cutting compound on an electric polisher combined with a microfiber cutting pad
  • Polishing the surface using car polish to remove marks, scratches, and other blemishes
  • Recoating the car with paint protection film, such as ceramic coating, to ensure durability

Should You Polish Paint Before Using Paint Protection Film?

Generally, it’s advisable to polish the paint before applying paint protection film (PPF) as polishing helps to ensure a smooth surface free of imperfections, allowing the PPF to adhere correctly and effectively protect the paint underneath. Polishing also enhances the paint’s clarity and glossiness, improving the overall appearance of the vehicle once the PPF is installed. Addressing any defects in the paint before applying the film is essential to prevent them from becoming more visible after installation. However, polishing should be done carefully and with the appropriate tools and techniques to avoid damaging the paint, so consulting a professional detailer if you’re unsure is recommended.

Is Vinyl the Same as Paint Protection Film?

No, other than the financial difference—vinyl wrap is more affordable than paint protection film—other notable differences are found in use and durability.

Vinyl is usually used for cosmetic purposes to alter the texture, color or design of the vehicle. At the same time, PPF protects the paint from scratches and external elements, such as the sun’s UV radiation.

Vinyl usually lasts about five years, making it less durable and prone to fading. PPF is thicker than vinyl, more durable, resistant to damage and fading, and self-healing for minor scratches. Paint protection is, therefore, the better option for use for life spans up to 10 years or longer.

How to Protect Newly Corrected Paint

Wax, ceramic coating, and clear bra wraps can protect the condition of the paint, increasing durability and maintaining the car’s paintwork beauty.

Ceramic coatings use a liquid polymer to protect the exterior surfaces from the elements, light scratches, and swirl marks. They provide an excellent slickness and sheen to the car while protecting it from minor damages. Compared to wax, ceramic coatings are almost 200 times thicker, giving them release properties that ensure the vehicles stay cleaner between washes.

Clear bra wraps or PPF can withstand more damage from high impact than ceramic coatings and prevent some deep scratches. PPF preserves the OEM paint finish and helps protect the car’s areas that are prone to wear.

Waxes are durable only for a few months and require regular reapplication. The silicone components in wax attract dust, which can affect the appearance of the paint. Comparatively, customers prefer ceramic coatings and clear bra wraps or paint protection films to wax.

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