Clear Bra

Clear Bra Technology

Paint manufacturers are all switching to new environmentally friendly “green” paints. These new water-borne systems are all very soft and subsequently very prone to chipping. With older paint systems, highway driving was typically a culprit of paint chipping on the leading edges of vehicles, but with the softer paints of today, even moderate daily driving on city roads can lead to rock chips, bug etchings, and road rash. Washing and waxing is no longer enough to properly maintain the finish of modern paint. Paint protection film, known as “clear bra” in the detailing industry, is necessary for those who wish to protect their paint from rock chips, bug etchings, and other impact blemishes. Clear bra is essentially an 8-mil piece of urethane that can be installed over any painted surface (typically the leading edges such as bumpers, mirrors, hoods, etc.) to protect it from abrasion impacts from rocks, sand, bugs, etc.


Installing Pre-cut & Custom Kits

Installing clear bra is a very delicate process; some would call it an art. A properly trained clear-bra installer has the skill necessary to install the protective film while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s paint. With any installation, our goal is to minimize the appearance of the film on the vehicle. For most vehicles, the film is individually cut using specially selected software via a plotter. Some inferior software programs, geared for easy installation, are designed to use three to four pieces of film for a bumper, while a quality installer can do it in one, seamless piece. The more pieces that are used during an installation, the more visible seams will become over time, which will interfere with the lines of the vehicle. We use high-quality software that is designed to use the fewest pieces of film per panel to achieve maximum protection.

For the customer who desires ultimate coverage, or desires the fewest seams possible, we offer custom installations. These installations typically consist of full hoods, full fenders, full doors, etc. We also have the ability to cover an entire vehicle! These installs are completely custom designed and handmade to the specific vehicle.

Film Quality

Unfortunately, all films are not created equal. Inferior films are typically not as optically clear (more orange peel), turn yellow, and lift. There are many manufacturers of paint protection film on today’s market, with rolling changes constantly taking place within their product lines. Our customers demand the highest quality in film and workmanship and that is exactly what we provide.

  • We install only the highest quality window tint products available.
  •  All tint comes with a lifetime warranty (link to xpel warranty).
  • Guaranteed to never bubble, peel, or turn purple
  • Full line of XPEL window tint in stock and ready for installation (link to XPEL window tint)
  • All shades available
  • Precision cut patterns ensure exact fitment.
  • Skin cancer foundation recommended film
  • Protects all interior materials from premature aging
  • All film is signal enabling and will not interfere with data transmission