Do You Perform Maintenance Washes?

Yes! After we have performed a full detail on your vehicle, we can perform maintenance washes for you. We carefully select the tools and techniques we use to minimize swirls and marring.

What Is a Maintenance Wash, and What Is Included In a Maintenance Wash?

A maintenance wash typically includes steps like a standard car wash, such as soap, water, and drying. However, it also usually includes additional services, such as waxing and polishing. Maintenance washing is designed to help maintain the cleanliness of a vehicle after it has received a full detail, or a thorough cleaning and finishing both inside and out.

Word of Mouth Detailing includes the following in a maintenance wash:

  • Thorough wash of all exterior surfaces (microfiber mitts and grit guards) Wheels are cleaned (behind the spoked too)
  • All cracks, crevices, emblems, etc. are blown with compressed air to minimize dripping
  • A drying aid is used to boost protection and slickness while drying (minimizing marring) with high quality microfiber towels
  • All door jams, trunk jam, and gas filler door areas are wiped dry
  • All interior surfaces are wiped down
  • All carpets are vacuumed
  • Luggage area vacuumed
  • All glass cleaned inside and out
  • Tires are dressed

Why Do You Require That a Vehicle Be Detailed Before Performing a Maintenance Wash?

In order to be efficient and keep costs down for such a minimal service, it is imperative that a vehicle be cleaned to our standards before we move into maintenance. A vehicle must be detailed before performing a maintenance wash to ensure that all dirt, debris, and other foreign objects are removed from the surface. It is important because these objects can cause scratches or damage to the vehicle during the washing process. If the wheels and wheel wells have not been deep cleaned recently or if door jams have not been cleaned and sealed it takes longer to wipe out which increases time and labor. In addition, a thorough detailing will also remove any wax or protective coating on the vehicle, which is necessary for the maintenance wash to be effective.

We want to ensure that we are as efficient as possible while providing the best results to our customers.

How Can I Book a Maintenance Wash?

To schedule a maintenance wash, email, call or text us at Word of Mouth Detailing. All appointments can be booked via email or by call/text to my cell phone (901)337-5758. We offer various packages, and we can help you choose which one best suits your needs if you’re unsure what your vehicle could benefit from.

Can I Drop My Car Off Early and be Kept Indoors?

Yes. We can store your vehicle overnight and start the work the next day. Our facility is secure, monitored with cameras, and a security system. Your keys are always stored separately from the vehicle in a lock box.

By taking the time to have a maintenance wash done on your vehicle, you can keep it looking its best for years to come. It can help extend your car’s life by keeping the car clean and protecting it from the elements. It can also improve its appearance and make it easier to sell when the time comes. Whether you have a luxury vehicle or a classic car, our maintenance washes are a must! Contact us today to get a maintenance wash scheduled!