We love working on classic cars. They’re timeless icons that shaped modern car culture. The car’s story, the owner’s passion, and the industry’s advancements motivate us to preserve classic cars.

Have you ever wondered whether your vintage beauty needs a different type of detailing and what that might involve? Let’s explore these queries and shed some light on how Word of Mouth Detailing cares for your precious vehicle.

How Often Should I Detail My Car?

Washing your car every two weeks is essential if it’s on the road often. Wash weekly to prevent damage in cold climates with road salt and sand.

Hand-wash your car with sheepskin mitts or microfiber cloths. Cheap gas station washes aren’t meant for classic cars. Use products specifically for your car’s finish, tires, and tops.

Though it might seem excessive, washing your car after every drive is the best way. Each drive exposes it to damaging substances from the road and the environment, such as dirt, fumes, and debris.

An interior deep clean every three months is sufficient — or every six months for lighter use. Depending on how much you drive, you might clean it monthly.

Choosing the Right Detailer for My Car

If you don’t detail your classic car, it could be costly in the future. Detailing is crucial to maintain its function and resale value. You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your car’s appearance.

Check if the detailer has experience with classic cars, as not all detailers do. Ensure they know your car’s make, model, and year.

Consider the era and origin of your car to determine which products and tools are safe for its specific paint, fabric, and interior. For example, high-speed buffers and polishers could damage vintage paint.

Classic vs. New: The Detailing Difference

Vintage car paint, chrome, and interior materials often cannot withstand harsh chemicals or high-pressure water. That’s why we adapt our approach to classic beauties, ensuring they get the careful, customized treatment they deserve.

What We Offer

From wheel detailing to maintenance washes, we bring out the best in your vehicle with gentle hand-washing and thorough interior cleaning. We tailor our services to meet your car’s specific needs, using our expertise to recommend what’s best. Ask us about our clear bra technology for unparalleled paint protection and showroom shine.

Contact us online or call to schedule an appointment. We’ll give your vehicle the attention it deserves.