Frequently Asked Questions

1. I Just Got My Car Back From The Body Shop And Now I Have These Horrible Swirls In My Paint.
2. Should I Go Through Automatic Car Washes?
3. Should I Let The Dealer Wash My Car?
4. My Car Has Swirls, Can They be Removed?
5. How Long Does a Full Detail Take?
6. How Often Should I Have My Vehicle Fully Detailed?
7. What Is Included In A Full Detail?
8. Do you only work on high end cars?
9. Do you do “interior only” or “exterior only” details?
10.I plan on selling my car, should I get it detailed?

1. I Just Got My Car Back From The Body Shop And Now I Have These Horrible Swirls In My Paint.
Sadly, I get these calls all the time. The customer takes the vehicle in to have body work done, gets the car back, and the repainted area is FULL of swirls. These swirls in particular are caused by the improper use of a rotary polisher; they will look like “holograms” in the paint. This IS NOT acceptable, this IS NOT how it should look, and IT CAN BE FIXED. I fix this all the time for these customers. The paint can be restored to its original swirl-free condition.

2. Should I Go Through Automatic Car Washes?
If I may be so frank, NO, NEVER! These tunnel washes should be ashamed at the services they try to provide. These are known in the detail industry as the swirl-o-matic. If you are considering taking your car to one of these assembly line washes, ask yourself a few of these questions: Do they ever wash the “cloth strips” that touch my car? Where does all the dirt from the hundreds of cars before me go? Is there any way those “strips” traveling at such a high rate of speed could be safe for my delicate clear coat? If the teenager at the end of the line drying my car drops his towel, will he continue to use it? Is anyone there passionate about what they do? Would I wash a car for $5?

3. Should I Let The Dealer Wash My Car?
As a ploy to get more business, most dealerships started giving away “free” car washes to customers who come in for service. I ALWAYS recommend to my customers that they decline the “free” wash. This wash typically either consists of running your vehicle through a tunnel wash or hand washing it in the clean-up department. The reason that I recommend you deline the wash is because it only takes one improper wash to undo the many hours of work that it took to make your paint perfect. This is why I recommend that you, and only you, wash your car. I teach every client as a part of my full detail how to properly care, wash, and dry for their vehicle. Remember, NO ONE cares like you do. Word of mouth detailing can also provide a hand wash for you should you not have the time. We specialize is using the proper materials and techniques to keep your vehicle swirl-free. When I bring my personal cars in for service, I write on the windshield with a grease pencil in BOLD letters, “DO NOT WASH.” I also discuss with the service writer just how important this issue is to me. You will get a few looks and possibly be accused of being crazy, but your car will remain swirl-free when you pick it up.

4. My Car Has Swirls, Can They be Removed?
While there are a variety of variables that go into answering this question correctly, yes, the swirls can be removed or greatly reduced in 99% of vehicles. I have never seen a vehicle with swirls that could not be removed or at least, greatly improved.

5. How Long Does a Full Detail Take?
Typically our details take around 8-10 hours to complete with subsequent “maintenance” details taking around 4-5 hours.

6. How Often Should I Have My Vehicle Fully Detailed?
I have customers I see at the turn of every season, once a month, and twice a year. It’s really up to you and the goals that you have for your vehicle. Some clients want their car looking its best at all times, so I see them more frequently. Other customers call me twice a year for full details; they take care of their car in-between the details using the instructions that I provide them with during the initial detail. Driving habits as well as where your vehicle is stored will also play a role in how often you need to have your car detailed.

7. What Is Included In A Full Detail? Remember what your car looked like on the showroom floor?
Every crack and crevice was clean, the motor was shiny, the tires glistened, and the paint just exploded with color — that’s what your car should look like after a full detail. The vehicle should be as close to showroom condition as possible. Rest assured that your car will look as close as possible to the day it rolled off the show room floor!! I only know one way to detail — the right way!! No short cuts, no excuses.

  • The car is washed by hand with gentle mitts, then dried with microfiber towels. This gentle process and selection of delicate materials ensures that your finish remains swirl free and crystal clear.
  • The paint is then clayed to remove bonded contaminants such as tar, over spray, industrial fall out, rail dust, etc.
  • Then the polishing begins. Depending on the car and its specific needs, this could be a five-step process (or more). This is where the paint is cleaned, polished, and sealed to a swirl-free, mirror shine. This process alone can take up to 10 hours on some vehicles. This is the step that really produces the deep, wet shine that everyone is looking for!!
  • The molding and trim is dressed to protect it from the elements.
  • The wheels are cleaned, polished, and sealed to protect them from corrosion. This INCLUDES behind the spokes.
  • The exterior and interior glass is cleaned and polished to a brilliant streak-free shine.
  • All exterior chrome/metal trim is polished and sealed from the elements.
  • Headlights are polished for crystal-clear clarity and safe, even light distribution.
  • The wheel wells are cleaned and dressed.
  • The engine is degreased and dressed, any metal is polished and sealed.
  • The door jams are cleaned, polished, and sealed — just like the rest of the paint.
  • The interior is thoroughly vacuumed, including the trunk.
  • The carpets are shampooed (floor mats AND interior carpet) and extracted, removing all stains and revealing the true color of the carpet fibers.
  • If you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to strong smells/chemicals please rest assured that our exclusive vapor steam cleaning techniques will provide you with a sterile, hygienic interior free of all allergens, pet dander, and mold spores.
  • Every crack and crevice is steamed with a vapor steamer.
  • All dust is removed from the dash and all vinyl surfaces.
  • Vinyl surfaces are dressed to the owner’s preference.
  • The leather is deep cleaned, then dressed to protect it from fading and discoloring.
  • The headliner is deep cleaned.
  • All vanity mirrors, as well as the rear view mirror, are cleaned.
  • Fruity fragrances ARE NOT ADDED. I clean the upholstery. I do not use heavy oil-based cover ups — what you smell is what you get — CLEAN!

8. Do you only work on high-end cars?
We work on all makes and models of vehicles. Anyone who wants the job done right and cares about their car is welcome at Word of Mouth Detailing. We do as many minivans and work trucks as we do high end exotics.

9. Do you do “interior only” or “exterior only” details?
Yes, we can custom tailor any type of detail that you need.

10. I plan on selling my car, should I get it detailed?
Yes, yes, and yes. If you want to command the highest asking price or trade-in amount for your vehicle, it will absolutely benefit you to have it detailed. A detail to sell the car is a lot different than a detail to enter a concours d’elegance event. Obviously, there is a point of diminishing returns based upon the vehicle, current market value, and whether you are trading it in or trying to sell it retail.? We can customize a detail package specifically designed to bring top dollar for your vehicle.