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I guess you could say that I came by this obsession for cars by way of my family tree. My Dad's Dad was an Organizational Manager for the Chevrolet Division of General Motors for 32 years and his father owned a repair shop - Bery & Al. My Mother's father, also a serious car enthusiast, owned Charlie Brown's Body Shop. As for me, it all started (I think) with my bikes -- I loved them, and loved keeping them clean. I would use chrome polish and an old towel to polish every spoke; every part of the bike had to be just so. Once I started driving, the obsession with clean, swirl-free paint was in full swing. Polishing paint is relaxing for me; it is my "golf." When I am detailing a car, I am in my own little world -- I am relaxed. I know that sounds insane, and perhaps it is, but detailing and specifically polishing paint is just something that I love to do.


"I have had Joe detail two high end Corvettes for me over the past 6 months. A Red 1991 Corvette ZR-1 and a 2005 Machine Silver C6 Coupe. Not only did Joe bring these cars to a high level of perfection, but his enthusiasm and attention to detail were second to none. He was even patient enough to answer the many questions I had about procedure. I would recommend him to anyone who wants the best in their car or truck brought out."

Harold Richardson
Olive Branch, MS


Our team at Word of Mouth Detailing is compromised of three key members. While we all each have our own areas of expertise, we all share a common passion for cars, perfection, and customer satisfaction.

Joe Christian
Justin Baltimore
Will Burns
Our longest tenured employee, Justin is a "car guy" through and through. With a passion for doing the job right and the training to back it up, Justin is an integral member of our team. Attention to detail combined with an unwavering work ethic makes Will another key component of our team. Fully trained in all aspects of detailing, Will is considered the "interior specialist" of the shop.

At Word of Mouth Detailing we focus on quality, not quantity. In order to maintain high levels of quality detailing, we require that all customers make an appointment. Please feel free to call, text or email to check availability. You can also contact us via the website.

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