Car Engine Detailing and Its Benefits

Just like the rest of your vehicle, the engine bay can benefit from regular detailing to remove leaves and dirt buildup. The process of engine cleaning involves the components, compartments, and the entire engine. This practice helps to keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently while on the road, and can even help add to its resale value.
Steps in Car Detailing

Engine detailing involves a series of actions:

    1. The detailer will disconnect electrical components and cover them with plastic bags to avoid moisture contact.

    2. A hand brush is used to remove leaves and dirt buildup.

    3. A degreaser is applied to effectively remove accumulated grease.

    4. The next step entails applying a high-pressure water hose to the entire engine while avoiding electrical parts.

    5. Finally, the detailer will then polish the metals and grease the engine.

Top Three Benefits of Car Engine Detailing

1. Ease in Locating Source of Engine Problems

Oil leaks, worn-out belts, and moisture buildup could result in regular visits to the mechanic. But, even then, the mechanic will have to clean the engine bay first to identify the issue.

2. More Appealing to Buyers

It may not be a deal-breaker, but a filthy engine is not a good look when it comes time to sell your car. A clean, degreased engine with sealed electric wires and fine polish is much more attractive to potential buyers. A clean engine implies no hot engine woes and peaceful rides.

3. Reduced Need for Repairs

A car engine, just like other machines, is prone to wear and tear. As such, it will require repairs for normal functionality. However, engine detailing will help you avoid the need for some repairs because problems can be spotted that much sooner. Also, simple leaks and moisture buildup can be detected early and resolved before creating bigger problems.

Murky engines are the number one cause of hot engines and other minor engine problems. A clean engine will help maintain its quality and also help keep your car’s value as high as possible. Contact us today to make an appointment for car detailing and/or engine detailing.

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