Remember what your car looked like on the showroom floor? Every crack and crevice was clean, the motor was shiny, the tires glistened, and the paint just exploded with color -- that's what your car should look like after a full detail. The vehicle should be as close to showroom condition as possible. Rest assured that your car will look as close as possible to the day it rolled off the show room floor!!

  • The car is washed by hand with gentle mitts, then dried with microfiber towels. This gentle process and selection of delicate materials ensures that your finish remains swirl free and crystal clear.
  • The paint is then clayed to remove bonded contaminants such as tar, over spray, industrial fall out, rail dust, etc.
  • Then the polishing begins. Depending on the car and its specific needs, this could be a five-step process (or more). This is where the paint is cleaned, polished, and sealed to a swirl-free, mirror shine. This process alone can take up to 10 hours on some vehicles. This is the step that really produces the deep, wet shine that everyone is looking for!!
  • The molding and trim is dressed to protect it from the elements.
  • The wheels are cleaned, polished, and sealed to protect them from corrosion. This INCLUDES behind the spokes.
  • The exterior and interior glass is cleaned and polished to a brilliant streak-free shine.
  • All exterior chrome/metal trim is polished and sealed from the elements.
  • Headlights are polished for crystal-clear clarity and safe, even light distribution. - The wheel wells are cleaned and dressed.
  • The engine is degreased and dressed, any metal is polished and sealed.
  • The door jams are cleaned, polished, and sealed -- just like the rest of the paint.
  • The interior is thoroughly vacuumed, including the trunk.
  • The carpets are shampooed (floor mats AND interior carpet) and extracted, removing all stains and revealing the true color of the carpet fibers.
  • Every nook and cranny is cleaned with a soft brush and or cotton swabs.
  • All dust is removed from the dash and all vinyl surfaces.
  • Vinyl surfaces are dressed to the owner's preference.
  • The leather is deep cleaned, then dressed to protect it from fading and discoloring.
  • The headliner is deep cleaned.
  • All vanity mirrors, as well as the rear view mirror, are cleaned.
  • Fruity fragrances ARE NOT ADDED. I clean the upholstery. I do not use heavy oil-based cover ups -- what you smell is what you get -- CLEAN!

"For a 3rd straight time, I am absolutely satisfied with my "Joe" experience. Simply put, Joe provides the absolute best detail work money can buy, from customer service to final result, this is one experience you can't afford to miss!"


Allergy sufferers, or those with sensitive skin, ask about our chemical-free cleaning process that sterilizes your interior, kills dust mites and mold spores all without the use of chemicals! Your interior is literally clean enough to eat off of!


Because every car creates a unique set of circumstances, there is no set fee for my services. I only know one way to detail -- the right way! No short cuts, no excuses.


At Word of Mouth Detailing, we focus on quality, not quantity. In order to maintain high levels of quality detailing, we require that all customers make an appointment. Please feel free to call, text or email to check availability. You can also contact us via the website.


If you are a dealer or wholesaler focused on quality detailing for the sole purpose of netting maximum sales price, Word of Mouth Detailing can help. Reconditioning a vehicle to its maximum potential is our specialty. We pride ourselves in the ability to deliver a car to you that we would be proud to own ourselves. At Word of Mouth Detailing, we are always more concerned with quality over quantity. Please call 901.337.5758 to discuss wholesale pricing.

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