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Washing cars, the green way
Date Posted: Feb-08-2011

When we set out to design our new facility we had a wish list that would fill most three-ring binders. Of course with every wish list there must be compromise-at least when there is a budget and existing construction is involved. Only after selecting the location did we truly learn exactly which items were attainable and which items were simply not possible. Aside from proper lighting, usable space, flow, etc at the top of the list was the ability to discharge waste water properly. Making sure that we were compliant with all Federal Clean Water Act guidelines was an essential goal for our detailing facility. What does this mean?  Without boring you with details the Federal Clean Water Act states (among other things) that zero water runoff shall enter a storm drain. All of the mobile "detailers" that you see washing cars in parking lots, or detail shops that simply allow the water to run down the street into a drain are in fact in violation(in California where the enforcement is very strict they would likely be shut down). When water from washing a vehicle is allowed to enter storm drains, the phosphates and other chemicals eventually reach streams and rivers polluting them and causing harm to fish and wildlife. In order to be compliant we installed two huge grease traps which filter water before it ever reaches the sanitary drain (as opposed to the storm drain). This water is then filtered and recycled at a water treatment plant. We felt it was our responsibility to future generations never to deliberately pollute natural resources. Next time you are in the shop take a look at the wash bay or ask one of us to show you the drains-they were installed at great expense, but we feel they more than pay for themselves as an investment in the future.

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